Dry Shampoo Alternative (Baby Powder)

For the past while, I’ve been searching for the perfect dry shampoo. Every now and then you have days where you’re in a rush, and have no time to get up, wash your hair and then style it. That’s when I finally came across baby powder.


You may think I’m crazy for considering this, but trust me, I’m not the only one.

To get the best results, you want to apply the baby powder by sprinkling some of it on to the roots, massaging it into your scalp. This soaks up all of the oil, and even adds some volume to your hair. Comb through to your roots.

This may leave your hair looking matte or chalky, so you want to make sure to really massage it in well.

My only complaint is the smell – but I can survive.

Before going out and spending a big amount of money on dry shampoos, give baby powder a try. It’s way cheaper, and in the end, does the exact same thing – if not better.


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