Erase Paste by Benefit

Let’s admit it, we all have those days where we wake up with dark under-eye circles. We try to cover them up as much as we can with concealer and foundation, but it doesn’t seem to do much of a good job.

About a week or so ago, I read a blog post by eyemasq (Shannon Bearzatto) on Erase Paste by Benefit, and decided to give it a try.

I am happy to say that I took the plunge and purchased this product.


Erase Paste comes in the following three shades: 

No 1 – Fair       No 2 – Medium      No 3 – Deep

When you purchase this product, you will receive a 4.40g Erase Paste (obviously), a little scooper and a lesson guide that shows you how to apply the product.




The purpose of Erase Paste is to brighten the face up while hiding the signs of stress by concealing, according to Benefit.

My number one concern with purchasing any product is the misleading information they provide on the packaging. With this product, I haven’t run into that issue. It brightens up my under-eyes and covers up any dark circles I may have. I’m used to concealers looking super cakey, but I haven’t had that problem with this product. I wouldn’t apply too much of it, or else it may end up having that cakey effect. It spreads smoothly and blends in very well with any other makeup you may be wearing. I recommend setting it with a powder to prevent any sort of creasing.

Price wise, it is not that affordable. But one thing I’ve noticed is that a little goes a long way. Although the container may seem tiny, it will last you. I’ve been using it for about a week now, and the container could get away with looking brand new and unused.

All in all, if you’re able to splurge a bit, I suggest giving this product a try.

You can purchase Erase Paste from Benefit’s official site, or at Sephora.

If you’ve used this product, let me know about your experience with it. If not, what concealer do you swear by? 


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