Nail Polish Wall Rack

Hey guys,

Here is the promised photo of my nail polish collection. There are still a few polishes I’ve recently purchased that I have yet to add on to it, but here it is…


The ones right below the rack actually don’t fit on to it (height wise), which is why I placed them right below on my compartment shelving. Below that, I have more products I use here and there, such as acrylic nails, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, etc.

Also, you may notice my konad stamping kit, dotting tool, paint brushes, and so on, placed on my wall rack. Aren’t nail polish wall racks meant just for nail polish?! Well, they may be, but I prefer to have some of my other tools on there as well. That way, everything is at an arms reach, and I don’t have to go around all over the place looking for different things.

If you guys would like more pictures of how I’ve organized my wall rack as well as my compartment shelving, leave a comment letting me know.

How do you organize your polish collection?


8 thoughts on “Nail Polish Wall Rack

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