Friday Faves ;; Recent Misa Purchases (Swatches and Review)

Recently, I’ve decided to try out new nail polish brands I’ve never used before, including Misa and Nubar. Today’s post will be dedicated to five polishes by Misa that I am very pleased with.

Below the swatches will be information about the formula, how many coats I used and also my favourite one from the five.

Let’s get started with the swatches…

Pay Days are Happy Days  
Pay Days are Happy Days by Misa is a light creamy brown-like colour. I love that it matches just about anything. I feel like it would look even nicer on darker skin tones, because of the contrast.

Got it Made in the Shade
Got it Made in the Shade by Misa is a creamy light murky green. Once again, love the colour, but it will probably look better on darker skin tones.

Baby I Love You
Baby I love You by Misa is a bright coral pink that is perfect for the summer. Super girly!

Poppy Dreams
Poppy Dreams by Misa is a super pretty barbie-like shade of pink.

And last but not least, here is Confection Section by Misa. I applied it on top of Baby I love You as well as Poppy Dreams to decide on which I liked more. The first two photos below are of Confection Section applied over Baby I Love You, and the third photo is it on top of Poppy Dreams. It was really difficult for me to catch the multi-toned glitter on camera, but I tried my best!




Overall: Misa is officially one of my favourite polish brands. I used two coats for all of the swatches above. Formula wise, all of the polishes were consistent. It’s more so on the thicker side, but that’s fine. It was easy to apply, and came on smoothly.

My favourite polish from the five has to be Baby I Love You, with Poppy Dreams in close second. Baby I Love You is too bright to resist. I have a feeling it will be my go-to polish choice this summer!

What are some of your favourite Misa polishes?  


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