Nubar Purchases (Swatches and Review)

Pastel colours are in this season, and so I decided to pick up a few Nubar polishes. I’ve never used Nubar before, but their collections are amazing (especially when it comes to pastel colours). I also had to sneak in one bright colour (hot pink!).

The four colours I picked up are:

  • Hot Pink
  • Oh Baby Pink
  • Baby Blue
  • Lemon Sorbet

Hot Pink


Oh Baby Pink


Baby Blue


Lemon Sorbet


Overall: If you’re looking for pastel colours this summer, Nubar is the way to go. You can literally get away with one coat of these polishes, and have it look great. I still put two coats though, just from habit. But honestly, I’ve used many pastel polishes over time, and the formulas have been super messy. I can honestly say that I’m pleased with Nubar.

What are some of your favourite polishes by Nubar?



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