DIY Caviar Nails

One of the newest nail trends this season is caviar nails. It’s gorgeous, affordable, and easy to do.


  1. Base Nail Colour (To match the beads you are going to be using)
  2. Microbeads
  3. Tupperware

Missing from the photo above is the Recollections Clear microbeads, which is the one I decided to go with for this look. I purchased this package from Michaels. As for the base nail colour, I used Sally Hansen’s Smooth and Perfect Fog.

Step One: Apply one coat of your base colour. Let it dry completely.

Step Two: For this step, you want to do one nail at a time. Apply a generous amount of base colour on your nail. Before the polish dries, you want to pour the microbeads over your nail on top of a container so that you are able to re-collect the leftovers. Gently apply pressure to secure the beads on to the nail. You may need to pour some more beads on to cover missing spots, and that is okay. Repeat this step to all of your other nails.



Step Three: You want to apply a tiny bit of top coat to your nail tips to secure this look.



Lastly, pour your leftover beads back into the container they came in. We don’t want to waste all of that, now do we?

And there we have it, a cheaper, more affordable version of Caviar nails.

Let me know how you feel about this manicure, and leave a comment if you would like to see this done with some sort of design.


13 thoughts on “DIY Caviar Nails

    • As long as you have them in a small pot, I don’t see why not. I personally would be worried of somehow rubbing the nail polish off accidentally while dipping my finger in, but then again, if you’re careful you’ll probably be fine. I haven’t tried that out, so I can’t guarantee how well it’ll work, but if you try it out, let me know how it goes!

      • I tried it when I did mine last night, and I found it had more even coverage. The polish didn’t rub off on other beads, just picked up the ones it touched. Clean up was simple too since I just poured them back in the container when i was done .

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