LA FRESH Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Pads

I change my nail polish daily, if not several times a day. Painting them is the exciting part – but removing all that fun stuff is when the frustration comes into play.

Recently, I was sent LA FRESH’s Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Pads, and decided to give them a try.



  • Quickly cleans all 10 nails with just one pad
  • Moisturizes and conditions the skin around the nail
  • Strengthens nails with natural extract
  • Acetone and Paraben-free

For more facts, check out LA FRESH Group.

Now it’s time for my opinion.

By first looking at the small pad, I was skeptical that it would actually remove the polish off of all fingernails (or toenails).


Boy, was I wrong. This tiny little pad managed to get each and every single bit of polish off of my nails. Not only did it do that, as it also left some nourishing oils behind. What’s great about this nail polish remover pad is that you have no chance of accidental spills, which you know, happens every once in a while with use of nail polish remover (at least with me).

As stated by LA FRESH, 

“Bye-bye polish removers that are harsh on the nails and harsh on the nose. Hello fresh, healthy nails and an incredibly delicious scent. LA FRESH Eco-Beauty delivers this revolutionary good-for-nails polish remover that quickly cleans & conditions all 10 nails with just one pad. Helps moisturize with Aloe, Glycerin and Vitamin E. Helps strengthen nails with natural Rosemary and Horsetail Extract. And best of all, helps deliver an unbelievably fresh experience with natural Tuscan orange aromatherapy. Free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, acetone, acetate, dyes, PEGs, artificial fragrances & animal byproducts.” 

I completely agree with the part about the scent smelling oh so delicious, as that’s definitely one of the draw-ins for me.

After having such a great experience removing my nail polish off the first time, I wanted to give it a try again. The next day, I had the leopard print nail design painted on my nails, and wanted to see how well these pads would remove it. I definitely did have a little bit more trouble, where I had to keep rubbing the pad against the nail for it to remove all the different layers of polish. I was impressed that one pad still lasted me for all 10 nails, but by the end it was torn up completely.


I am very pleased and impressed with the LA FRESH Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Pads. For someone who’s into swatching different nail polishes on several times a day, they do come in handy. On the other hand, they do not completely replace regular nail polish completely. If you’re into nail design / nail art, this kind of pad may not remove every single trace for you, especially when it comes to using glitters and such. Yes, these pads are very effective, but they’re effective for someone who wears basic nail polish on their nails. They’re very portable, as in you can carry them wherever you go, without having to worry about them spilling in your purse. All in all, these have been a huge help for someone like me, who is constantly swatching new colours.

If you’re always changing your nail polish, then I suggest giving these a try, as they will get rid of that frustration and annoyance when it comes time to remove your polish.

These are available for the price of $9.99 for 18 packets on LA FRESH’s website here.

If you’ve used these acetone-free nail polish remover pads by LA FRESH, I would love to hear your thoughts. If not, will you be giving these a try anytime soon?

These products were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company. All opinions expressed are my own. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 


3 thoughts on “LA FRESH Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Pads

  1. Hey, thanks for this! I am always looking for better polish remover options… that is really cool! Am going to go check them out now. :)

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