BB Couture :: 6 Shades of Grey (Swatches and Review)

BB Couture has just recently released 6 Shades of Grey, their newest collection, which is a great alternative for all of you nude-lacquer lovers. This collection, inspired by the popular book series, includes six lacquers with different finishes that are wearable on a day-to-day basis.

Enough talk, let’s get to the polishes.

Up first is Smoke. Lightest shade of a creme-like grey in the collection with a stone-like finish. Two coats applied.

Up next is Shaded Ash. This grey has a green tint to it with a very subtle hint of silver shimmer. Two coats applied.

Third up is Grey Matter. This is a gorgeous silver-like grey with chunks of silver silver shimmer and a little bit of turquoise sparkles. Two coats applied.

And now we have Starry Starry Taupe. This is a brown-like grey with silver shimmer running throughout. Two coats applied.

Now on to Briquette. On the darker side, Briquette has an olive green tint to it with subtle shimmer. Three coats applied.

Last but not least, we have Puce. I found this to be the most unique in this collection. It is a gorgeous grey with a hint of brown and mauve to it, with a lot of red, green, blue and gold shimmer running throughout. Three coats applied.

Overall: I found this collection to be more-so on the unique side, which impressed me. Who knew you could have so many different grey-like shades? The glitter and shimmer running throughout most of the polishes made them pop all the more. Formula wise, they apply smoothly with no mess. A little bit on the thinner side, but again, very easy to work with.


Pricing: $9.95 ea.

What do you think of this collection? Is there a particular polish you must have?

These products were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company. All opinions expressed are my own. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


6 thoughts on “BB Couture :: 6 Shades of Grey (Swatches and Review)

  1. I think the most interesting colour here is ‘Smoke’ – I love that granite colour, I’ve never seen anything like it before?

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