Claire’s Cosmetics Nail Polish

Hey everyone,

I passed by Claire’s the other day and decided to take a look at their nail polishes – something I’ve never done before. I came across two really interesting polishes (Glitter Top Coat & Candy Shop) that reminded me of some of the indie polishes I’ve seen before.

Swatches below! 

Glitter Top Coat

Candy Shop

Availability: Claire’s

Promotional Price: 2 for $6 (CAD)

Thoughts? Too cheesy or interesting? 


6 thoughts on “Claire’s Cosmetics Nail Polish

  1. It’s not cheesy, it’s affordable! I too passed by there yesterday and looked closely at their glitter polish made by Color Club, have u seen the polish that changes in the sun??

  2. Heatherann you stole my comment lol, I was going to say how odd it is to name it the same as DL’s Candy Shop but it’s really different. I own the DL Candy Shop and the pink is much lighter than this Claire’s one. It is still good to go though.

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